The coaching programs offered below are designed to help you on your journey to figure your “stuff” out. The ultimate goal is to provide a space that allows you to clear the noise and tap into your true potential. Whether you are looking for help in your personal, or professional life, creating a strong foundation is key.  I provide a safe neutral space that allows you to take a look at where you came from, where you are, and where you want to go. Providing along the way, intuitive guidance as well as accountability.  This is your journey, think of me as your personal GPS, I look forward to helping you navigate!

Current Coaching Programs

Coaching is not a one size fits all. Below are some programs I have put together. Look them over and see which one looks like a fit for you!

Self Discovery Coaching

This program is designed for the person that is looking to reconnect with themselves. It’s designed to help you unravel the chaos of your life and rediscover who you are, or who you want to be. I not only provide a safe neutral space for you to explore your potential, but also provide intuitive guidance and insight along the way.

Accountability Coaching

Are you looking for an accountability partner? Someone that will help you stay the course of your goals, or a project? This is a great coaching option! This program is customized to you. Choose between two 30 minute check ins or one 1 hour meeting a month. Duration depends on you.

Decode Your Story 8 Week Program

A one on one version of my Decode Your Story workshop. Over the course of 8 sessions we will work through all the exercises.

Price includes the purchase of the Decode Your Story Workbook.

Discovering Your WHY

The key ingredient to fulfillment and success in your life stems from WHY you want it. Why do you work so hard? Why do you do what you do? The answer goes far beyond the standard response of to pay bills, support my family. It embedded in who you are. Discover your purpose, your WHY in this 6 week program.

Custom Coaching

With Custom Coaching the topic and schedule is really up to you. We will identify what it is you are hoping to uncover and put an actionable plan together. Many of the other programs may be pulled in to create a custom experience.

Group Coaching

Coming soon will be a Group coaching option. Together we are better. This will be a circle of like minded people interested in expanding their views and working together to support and help each-other through personal experience.

Not sure you fit the packages listed? Not sure you fit the packages listed? Let’s set up a meeting to customize something!

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To experience effective coaching you have to have trust in the person you are working with. That is why I feel it is important that we have an initial meeting.

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Intuitive Enhancement Circle

Next Steps…

Life is a journey full of mountains and valleys. It’s easy to lose direction. Think of me as your personal GPS system. With my Intuitive insight I can help you get back on track and put things into focus!