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Why I write…

I write to tell a story, my story. Writing allows me to make sense of the thoughts and words that dance relentlessly in my head. To show how putting one feeling to paper can take an army of words to express. I write to inspire thought. In writing I wear no masks, I am exposed. With my words I can only hope to awaken the desire of others to look within. My dream is to provide an environment that allows us to slow down and realize we’re not alone. I am a narrator and my story is my life.

A page dedicated to a lyrical thought….and sometimes a rhyme or two…


Looking down the tunnel
You see the pictures on the wall.
Swirling, twisting
Sparkling and burning.
The words still churning.
Sharp and pungent, calm and bright
The world as a tunnel need not be a fight.

By: Jackie Mihalchick